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I work with visionary organizations and their leaders on their most complex people issues to create workplaces that are engaged, resilient, and collaborative. For organizations dedicated to thriving in times of continual change, this is more important now than ever.

In the past two decades there has been a significant shift in the underlying mindsets and unspoken rules that inform organizational behavior. Our workplaces are more technologically connected than ever, but when it comes to factors such as staff engagement, trust, collaboration and plain old human understanding, there is more disconnection in organizations than ever before.

As a result, those in charge are often overwhelmed with people problems and personality issues that
● Impede effectiveness and stifle creativity
● Undermine teamwork
● Lower morale and
● Sabotage the end-user experience.

As an expert in organizational behavioral dynamics, I help organizations introduce new capacities and mindsets that address these problems at their core. By identifying the systemic breakdowns and communication barriers that often baffle even the most seasoned professional, I work closely with senior leaders and their teams to create customized, holistic solutions that are targeted at the underlying causes of workforce issues and ineffectiveness.

As a result, organizations can then experience
● Higher levels of staff engagement
● Greater resilience in the face of disruptive change
● Enhanced creativity and emotional intelligence
● Improved morale and collaboration

My expertise in working with clients to create lasting results is derived from
● Decades as a manager in volatile, high-stakes environments
● In-depth doctoral research into the communication breakdowns and dysfunctional behavior patterns that hinder effective service delivery
● Extensive work as a behaviorist analyzing patterns of interaction and advising teams to improve user experience.

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